Why You Need  Reflexology


Ancient Chinese practices involving reflexology have now been adopted by many people in the relieve of pain and stress. It is now one of the modern holistic therapy. This procedure focuses on the feet. Reflexologists believe that hands and feet correspond to different body parts. Hence massaging them will stimulate the parasympathetic system to heal itself. Since the reflexology practice started, it is now close to 3000 years. The practice involves the rebalancing of the Qi and this can see you healed from various conditions. It can be used along the Western conventional medicine in improving vitality and well-being and also to hasten healing for the sick people.

This practice will reduce aches and pain. It can be a pain at the lower or upper back, headache, migraines or even neck pain. It will make the muscles relaxed and hence eliminate tension which might be the cause of the aches and pain. Foot massages can also relieve you from headaches which have been triggered by stress. Through reflexology, patients do not only heal but they are in a position to interpret body signals much better not to forget to gain more energy. In Reflexology Bristol, more than seven thousand nerve endings are usually stimulated. With aging, the nerve endings will lose their sensitivity. However, this process can increase reactivity and functionality of the nerve endings, especially on the lower limbs.

Serotonin is a major feel-good hormone in the body. If the hormone is low in your body, you will be depressed and highly likely to slip into a bad mood. Through reflexology, your body can be triggered to release serotonin in large quantities. This will also help in the alleviation of stress and anxiety. Reflexology is delivered through massage and this helps in improving circulation. Therefore, there will be sufficient transportation of nutrients and oxygen to all the body cells as well as the elimination of waste. The body system will work more effectively if it is receiving sufficient amounts of oxygen. Find out some more facts about health through http://edition.cnn.com/health.

Reflexology in Bristol will also help in improving the health of your feet. It will stimulate the feet muscles, and also reduce pain on the heels and ankles. You won’t have to worry about foot problems which might come by as a result of not caring for your feet. Toenail fungus, plantar fasciitis and also Achilles tendonitis are some of the conditions which might develop if you are not paying attention to your feet.


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